Plant~based ice cream with only 4% sugar. Sweet!

Life’s Sweeter with Less Sugar !

If everything we eat contains a lot less sugar, life and health in general can be a whole lot better. Ice cream is the perfect place to start.

4% Sugar 100% Plants Trillion% Tasty 100% Dairy Free

4% Sugar 100% Plants Trillion% Tasty 100% Dairy Free

Have it all!

Life comes with enough compromises without them ruining your treats. But with Enjoy Trill you can now have it all. Full-on flavour, scrumptious texture and total ice cream satisfaction with hardly any sugar and absolutely no dairy.

We don’t do small measures unless it’s sugar!

Made with oat milk and natural sweetners we’ve created a plant based ice cream with 10x less sugar than oldskool ice cream. Super creamy taste. Super low sugar. Super excuse to enjoy another.

How it all started

We’re Chris and Sylvain, two ice cream fanatics and inventors of a new and improved kind of ice cream. Working in food nutrition, our busy day jobs have demanded that we are often on the move. And like any normal travelling ice cream fanatics, we strap our ice cream machines to our backs so we can perfect our ideas while we were on the go. After years of travelling, inventing, testing and reinventing, we finally arrived at a scrumptious recipe that uses hardly any sugar and absolutely no dairy.

So our mission has begun, creating food that positively impacts society and helps people to shift their habits towards better-for-you food. It all starts with Enjoy Trill.

Made with the coolest plants around (frozen to be exact). That means our ice creams are dairy free! Perfect for vegans (and non-vegans).